About TFCC

An Advocate for Consumer Choice in the Lone Star State

Texans for Consumer Choice is a non-profit coalition dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of consumers across the Lone Star State. We provide an educational forum and information exchange to foster support and discussion around the ideas of unrestricted commerce and personal responsibility.

We draw on the resources of the non-alcoholic beverage industry as well as health experts, health researchers, regulators, market analysts, economists, and community leaders. Through a combination of efforts, we seek to inform citizens, legislators and community leaders about legislation, events and activities that might limit your choices as consumers in Texas.

Our supporters include the Texas Beverage Association, Grocery Manufacturers of America, Texas Grocery and Convenience Association, Texas Retailers Association, representatives from the non-alcoholic beverage industry, theater owners, restaurant owners, retailers, and environmental organizations, as well as thousands of individuals who donate their time, money, and efforts to further the cause.

In addition to sponsoring the Texans for Consumer Choice coalition, the non-alcoholic beverage industry supports hundreds of local community initiatives focused on youth development, environmental and beautification efforts, health and wellness education, and physical activity.

We welcome your support. Please contact us with any questions or comments.