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Obesity is a complex problem that is influenced by many factors, most importantly diet, exercise and genetics. It is not feasible to blame any one food product or beverage as being a sole contributor to obesity problems considering people consume calories from many different sources. No science supports such a claim. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is to incorporate a balanced, healthy diet that balances calories consumed and calories burned through activity and exercise.

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Most people are unaware of the hidden taxes they pay each time they fuel their car, drink a soda or write a check for their phone bill. As political leaders turn to excise taxes and clever euphemisms to finance policies, it’s ultimately consumers who suffer most.

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Comprehensive recycling programs are one of the best mechanisms for helping the environment. However, instead of expanding these programs, some critics instead support mandatory deposit programs or “bottle bills.” When it comes to bottle bills, however, three decades of data and practical experience have undeniably demonstrated that imposing mandatory deposits on beverage containers is a poor way to increase recycling and address solid waste issues.

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